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Clarity And Guidance In A Difficult Transition

People entering into divorce often let their emotions cloud their thinking. This can lead them to make poor decisions and delay the recovery process.

At the Breeden Law Office of Raleigh, North Carolina, we have two jobs — to provide guidance through divorce, and to protect your rights and interests. Our goal is to put you in a position that enables you to rebuild your life and move forward in a positive way — rather than letting the divorce process destroy your family and your future after divorce.

Strong Legal Advocacy For An Array Of Challenges

Our firm provides client-centered, ethical representation in all aspects of marital dissolution, including:

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The Waiting Period And No-Fault Divorce

North Carolina divorce laws require the couple to be separated for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce. This one-year separation standard is the only basis allowed to file for divorce under North Carolina's no-fault divorce system. In and of itself, divorce only serves to terminate the legal marital relationship between husband and wife. All other legal issues are addressed in separate court proceedings, separation agreements and child custody agreements.

Get A Head Start During The Separation

What many people do not understand about the divorce process, however, is that there are many legal issues that can — and should — be addressed during the separation period, such as child custody and visitation, equitable distribution of assets and debt (property division), post-separation spousal support or alimony and other critical post-separation claims. In fact, failure to initiate property settlement claims before the divorce is finalized will result in the loss of your marital property rights. As long as these issues are commenced before the divorce is finalized, the parties to the divorce can continue to negotiate and work out agreements on such disputes after the divorce is complete.

Separate Or Marital Debt And Foreclosure

Many divorcing couples are also confronting financial problems, such as IRS debt, the loss of a job, the accumulation of too much credit card debt or other financial concerns that cause them to fall behind on the mortgage. Believing it solves the problem of disposing of marital property as well as liabilities, many couples who are facing both divorce and foreclosure attempt a short sale or other quick solution. However, this may not release your liability from the lender or the IRS, and even after divorce you may still be financially attached to your ex-spouse's debt.

Guidance Toward A Better Future

As an experienced divorce attorney, Jonathan Breeden knows that every marriage and family is different. He works closely with each client to understand the client, the client's goals, and their hopes for life after divorce. He then develops a solution that reflects the realities of the situation.

When necessary, our firm will aggressively litigate your positions to achieve your goals. But in some cases, this means a negotiated outcome designed to resolve all outstanding issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Most importantly, we work to protect your rights and interests, we follow ethical guidelines, and we help you deal effectively with the legal, personal and financial issues you face.

The next steps you take are important ones. Let us guide you to a better future.

Speak With A Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

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