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Providing The Foundations For Financial Stability

In North Carolina, the level of child support is determined by formulas in the law. This level is based on the combined incomes of the parents and the residency time of the child with each parent.

The issue of child support may seem simple, but there can be complicating factors. As an experienced family law firm, Breeden Law Office understands these factors and how to get results for clients in court.

Our Raleigh attorneys provide client-centered and ethical representation to clients in all aspects of child support, including:

  • Determination of temporary and permanent child support
  • Modifications in the child support level
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Collection of child support owed
  • Paternity as it relates to child support

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Obtaining The Right Level Of Child Support

At Breeden Law Office, we believe that custodial parents should receive all the child support that they are owed. We also believe that someone responsible for paying child support should not have to pay more than the law requires. We will work to ensure that the child support level is set at the right amount.

Life Changes Can Affect Child Support

When a change in circumstances occurs, you can seek a child support modification. A change in a parent's income, a change toward or away from joint custody, a child's educational or health care needs or another event may be significant enough to warrant a change in the child support payment amount. In most situations, Breeden Law Office can advise you whether you may be entitled to a modification or if one is possible.

The Rights Of Unmarried Parents

A father of a child born outside of marriage may be held responsible for paying child support. He may or may not be entitled to child visitation rights. Breeden Law Office of Raleigh, North Carolina, can discuss these issues and take action on your behalf.

To get an idea of how much child support you may required to pay, visit the North Carolina Child Support Calculator.

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