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Newest divorce party trend: Guns and marriage memorabilia

Divorce was once considered a four-letter word in the United States. But as we often do, Americans have started to take the stigma and the judgment out of divorce. It is now common, and, in many cases, seen as necessary.

Not only is divorce more acceptable than it once was, it is now associated with its own rituals and celebrations. Within the past 10 years, "divorce parties" have become a widespread phenomenon, complete with divorce-themed cakes, ironic rituals and party favors ranging from the benign to the inappropriate.

Keeping your divorce safe from damaging social media evidence

It is difficult to talk about “the way things used to be” without sounding old and curmudgeonly. Nonetheless, it is hard to ignore how much has changed in just over a decade. As just one example, most Americans in early 2005 had never heard of Facebook or the term “social media.” The site, first launched in 2004, was initially limited to college students at Harvard, then a growing list of schools around the country.

In just over a decade, Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than one billion users. It has also changed traditional notions of what personal information we share and with whom. In the world of family law, social media has even changed the legal landscape. Statistics show that Facebook is now cited in approximately one-third of all divorce cases.

Dealing with the emotional and physical consequences of divorce

For obvious reasons, our posts usually discuss the legal ins and outs of divorce and other family law issues. But there are times when it is important to address the emotional, social and psychological aspects of divorce. Unless you have support systems in place to work through feelings of grief, loss and stress, they can affect your long-term health. They can also cloud your judgment and negatively impact the outcome of divorce proceedings.

Therefore, coping with heartache and seeking support are not goals that can be put off until after the divorce. The good news is that getting the support you need may be easier than you think. Studies have shown that simply talking to another person about your divorce can help you heal more quickly.

Gender communication mismatch in marriage and divorce: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about how men and women tend to communicate differently. If understood and accepted, spouses can actually use their differences to complement their partner. During arguments and divorce proceedings, however, these communication differences can be a liability.

Today’s post will focus on the differences in how men and women tend approach problem-solving, argument and persuasion. These are obviously issues that may arise during divorce and child custody negotiations.

Gender communication mismatch in marriage and divorce: Part I

While everyone is unique in some respects, our personalities are also influenced by our gender. Men and women tend to interact and communicate in very different ways. While these opposite styles can definitely complement one another during a marriage, they can also create conflict. This is especially true during divorce proceedings.

In this week’s posts, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that men and women communicate differently. We’ll also discuss how those styles can be either an asset or a liability during divorce negotiations.

Changes to annual survey could impact data about divorce rates

It is clear that we are a data-driven society. It is now easier than ever before to track behavioral trends for groups and individuals. In fact, data collecting software seems to know us better than we know ourselves.

A substantial amount of data is collected and analyzed by private companies with the intention of selling us products and services. Surprisingly, however, government data collected by the Census Bureau and other agencies is often less complete than many Americans think it should be. This includes data collected about marriage and divorce rates.

January is ‘divorce month’ but you don’t have to follow the trend

The holidays are now over. You may have already put your decorations back in the closet and taken your browning Christmas tree out to the curb. We now settle into the relatively drab months of January and February, which feel like a good time to start attending to all the personal business you put off during the holidays.

For many Americans, this includes filing for divorce. There are a number of reasons that divorce filings and inquiries traditionally spike in January, and we’ll discuss some of those reasons in today’s post.

North Carolina’s stance on inheritance during divorce

North Carolina recognizes that most married couples pool their income and other assets together throughout the course of their marriages. Perhaps largely due to that fact, our state family law courts consider the concept of "equitable distribution" whenever couples decide to end their marriages.

Generally, under the doctrine of equitable distribution, a court will consider that all of the real estate and assets acquired by the couple during their marriage should be distributed fairly between both parties as equally-owned marital property.

Prenuptial agreements: Not a symbol of distrust

Whether you want to be safe before getting married or want to secure your assets after the fact, a pre or postnuptial agreement is the way to do so. While some may believe that a prenuptial agreement is symbolic of distrusting a partner, that's not true. In fact, it can be a way to protect both of you.

Prenuptial agreements do a number of things. It can be used to determine inheritance issues, like if you receive a large amount of money, do you have to split it with your spouse upon divorce? What about children? Should your new step-children have the right to any inheritances from your family?

The Jenner split: Kardashians stars split in finalized divorce

If you follow entertainment news, you may be interested to know that the divorce between Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner has been finalized. The Dec. 18 report states that the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" stars have decided to end their 23-year marriage and settled with an agreement on Dec. 16. Court documents have shown that they wed in April 1991 and separated in June 2013.

The two began living separately in October 2013, and since then, Kris Jenner has been the one to file the divorce paperwork. On the same day, Bruce Jenner did the same with nearly identical paperwork, the reports claim.

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