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Resolving financial conflict can often prevent divorce

It is no secret that couples will inevitably argue from time to time. While arguments about religion, child rearing and other major subjects can definitely cause a rift in the relationship, many couples really run into trouble when their arguments are about money.

The old adage that “opposites attract” may be true for some things, but couples with fundamentally different ideas about money might be at higher risk for divorce if their differences put them in conflict with one another. Research has shown that financial conflict is a strong predictor of divorce.

How to handle Halloween when you share child custody

Halloween is now just two days away. If you have children, you have no doubt had the upcoming holiday on your radar ever since costumes and candy started appearing in stores.

If you are currently going through a child custody dispute and parenting time needs to be split fairly evenly, Halloween is one of those holidays that can be difficult to negotiate. On one hand, it is a minor holiday with no vacation days from school. As such, it doesn’t seem worth it to advocate for custody during this time. On the other hand, Halloween creates great memories that most parents won’t want to miss. So what do you do?

Ready to divorce? What you can do if your spouse isn't on board

Although we often discuss the divorce process already in progress, some people run into snags just trying to get started. Namely, what do you do when you are ready to get a divorce but your spouse is not on the same page?

This can be a difficult situation to be in - for both spouses. And while you may eventually need to get your attorney involved just to begin the process, starting the divorce this way can set an adversarial tone. As such, there are some things you may want to try first.

With 'gray divorce' comes risk of financial insecurity

By some measures, a trend only officially becomes a trend after a term has been coined and widely used to describe it. With this in mind, there is little doubt that “gray divorce” is a trend in the United States.

Although it seems somewhat self-explanatory, a definition may be in order. Generally, gray divorce describes the dissolution of a marriage in which one or both spouses is over the age of 50. Gray divorce can apply to second and third marriages, but the trend that sociologists often refer to is divorce that happens after decades-long first marriages.

Study shows there may be a hidden cost to pricey engagement rings

Few ceremonies are filled with as much tradition as weddings. Of course, some wedding “traditions” were created and promoted by jewelers and others who stood to make a tidy profit from happy couples. That’s why – at least at one point – men were expected to buy an engagement ring that cost the equivalent of three months’ salary.

Wedding traditions and “rules of thumb” are ignored by many modern couples, but it is still quite common to spend copious amounts of money on an engagement ring and on the wedding itself. According to the results of a recent study, however, spending heavily on the ring and the wedding could spell trouble for marriage.

Gun magnate's ex-wife says he cheated her out of business profits

One of the reasons why high-asset divorces tend to become such public spectacles is that some wealthy individuals seem willing to go to great lengths to avoid sharing assets with a former spouse. A recent case appears to be no exception.

In 2011, a man by the name of Gaston Glock Sr. got a divorce from his longtime wife Helga Glock. If their last name sounds familiar, it is because the Glocks co-founded one of the most successful firearms businesses in the world. Approximately two-thirds of police departments in the United States use Glocks as service weapons. Although their divorce was finalized several years ago, the dispute over hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth continues. Helga alleges that her ex-husband cheated her out of $500 million.

Restoring peace: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Our post earlier this week focused on the different argument styles that couples commonly have. All of these styles can lead to negative outcomes, but some may indicate (more than others) that a couple will eventually get divorced.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss an even more serious side of marital conflict. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And while the term domestic violence can refer to incidents between various family members, most people use the term to describe intimate-partner violence – also called spousal abuse.

The way you and your spouse argue: Could it predict divorce?

Whether you have been in a dozen long-term relationships or just a few, you have probably noticed that each couple handles conflict differently. You may have even noticed that you argue differently with your current spouse than you did with a previous significant other.

All couples have arguments from time to time. If both partners are still invested in the relationship, occasional arguments are inevitable. But how you argue with your spouse is important. Your argument style could predict whether you are headed toward a lifetime commitment or a divorce.

Study: Same-sex couples have comparable rates of domestic violence

The national news lately has been heavily focused on the issue of domestic violence. A number of professional football players have been accused of or charged with domestic violence in recent months, and the NFL is being roundly criticized for its tepid response to the problem.

Allegations of domestic violence can also complicate a divorce or child custody dispute, including allegations of intimate-partner violence and child abuse. Among the many issues raised by the NFL scandal is the idea that this crime too often goes unreported and unaddressed.

Without specific laws, pet custody disputes remain a gamble

We have previously written about an emerging area of family law that is a cross between property division and custody. There are, however, few laws (if any) governing how disputes should be resolved. The issue is pet custody.

Dogs and cats are much more than just pets to many American families. It makes sense, then, that couples have a hard time with the idea of leaving a pet to one spouse or the other. Unfortunately, however, the law treats pets as property. As such, they are not protected by protocols like those governing child custody. So what can you do if you and your spouse are getting a divorce and have a dispute about who keeps the pet?

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